Modern Community Management was founded to meet a need. Our founders saw that in the HOA industry, smaller HOAs faced one of two problems. Either they were not getting the customer service and attention they deserved from large community management companies while overpaying, or they had to go with one-man shops that didn’t have the size to meet their needs and keep abreast of the constantly changing industry standards.

Having worked in the HOA industry in several facets, we saw that the bottleneck was the amount of in-person time that was required for all of the meetings, inspections, walkthroughs and elections that drove the cost of management up. So a new way was formed. 100% Virtual, 100% Transparent, 100% Satisfaction. By providing a new way of doing things, MCM is able to offer the core services that your HOA needs while not draining the budget for full service management. We handle your books, track your calendar, send out your notices, but count on the homeowners and board members to supervise the tasks such as board meetings, vendor walk throughs and elections that drive the cost up for most companies. We recognize that this is not a good fit for every HOA and we do not want to manage every HOA. But we specialize in virtual management for HOAs between 5-50 units that are looking for full financial management and guidance on the remaining issues.


Manny Singh